• June 5: Food and Beverage Booth Applications

  • June 19: Non-Profit Booth Application

  • June 23: Parade Application Form

  • June 14: City Flag Sponsors



To place an entry in the parade click here for an online PARADE ENTRY FORM. Create a float, a skit, or just march along with your group; it’s an excellent opportunity to let the community know who you are. Again, you have thousands of people of all generations stopping by to find out more about you!  We encourage you to take part in this historical Orinda event.  Make sure to submit your application by the deadline of June 23rd.   


Let people know about the wonderful work you do as well as volunteer opportunities available by having a booth at the 4th of July celebration. Whether you are a local club looking for new members, an arts organization seeking a wider audience, or an environmental group hoping to educate the public, we have a booth for you!



If you are a non-profit organization you can reserve a booth in the park or library plaza.  There is a $55 fee for the booth.  Click here to submit an online application for a non-profit booth in the park or community center.

Note: if your booth provides activity for 150-200 children during the hours of 11:30 am -1:00 pm you may request a fee waiver for the cost of the booth.   Click here to submit an online application (requesting a fee waiver) for a non-profit booth   

Call or email us if you require more information and watch for other related information on our website. 


Orinda 4th of July is a great opportunity to introduce your restaurant to Orinda or raise money for your non-profit!  To apply for one of our limited number of food booth spots, click here. There is no charge for non-profits, and commercial vendors only pay health department fees. To reserve a commercial food/beverage booth in the park or beside the Community Center click here. 


The July 4th committee begins its work in January. We always welcome new volunteers. There are many committees with various time commitments to choose from. It is great fun to be a part of this long-standing and very well attended community project. Students will find a great many ways to contribute volunteer hours for community service as well.  What better way to show your patriotism than by helping make this 4th of July celebration the best ever? Lots of opportunities exist for individuals and families.  If you would like to volunteer, call us at (925) 254-0800 or email us at  

  1. Decorating the park and booths

  2. Setting up activities

  3. Directing parade participants

  4. Helping the parade run smoothly

  5. Handing out bottles of water

  6. Cleaning up at the end of the day

4th of July Volunteer Leadership Team

  • Diane Lutz & Bill Waterman, Co-Chairs

  • Andy Radlow Chair, Parade Operations

  • Claire Roberts, April Stevens, Bridget Meagher, Co-Chairs, Parade Staging/BART Lot

  • Clay Deanhardt, Chair, Food Booths/Liaison to City of Orinda

  • Kathy Enzerink, Chair, Publicity & Marketing

  • Kathy Enzerink & Bill Waterman, Co-Chairs, Sponsorships

  • Meghan Frey, Chair, Fun Run

  • Dora Chacon & Melissa Karakash, Co-Chairs, Decorations

  • Cindy Powell & Joe Garvey, Co-Chairs, Non-Profit Booths

  • Cindy Powell, Chair, Bands & Music

  • Bobbie Landers & Lamorinda Music, Orinda Volunteer Marching Band Coordinators

  • Steve Harwood, Bill Cosden & Scott Butler, Parade Announcers

  • Sally Hogarty, Executive Editor, The Orinda News

  • Simar Khanna, Editor, The Orinda News

  • Carlos Baltodano, The Orinda Association President

  • Volunteers Coordinator, Anil Comelo

  • David Dierks & Marie Waterman, Website Managers