the Orinda Volunteer Center, started in May 2002, and sponsored by The Orinda Association, and the City of Orinda is dedicated to the development of an atmosphere in which the lives of individuals and our community are improved by the positive impact of volunteer action.  Please download our full volunteer guide below. 

What the Volunteer center can do for you?

  • Convenient Drop-off for donations to Lions
  • Advertising for your non-profit
  • Volunteer Registration for Seniors Around Town Drivers & Riders
  • Convenient place to find information about Orinda and community events
  • Non-profit events ticket sales
  • Volunteer Registration
  • Volunteer assistance for your non-profit event

If you are seeking out an opportunity to share your time and talents with non-profit organizations in our area you have come to the right place.   Below is a listing of long term opportunities (Volunteer Guide) as well as those organizations needing more immediate assistance (Volunteer Community Calendar).  

For immediate time sensitive volunteer needs please click our Volunteer Community Calendar. 

Volunteer Guide (Downloadable) 

We have compiled a detailed and dynamic directory of local non-profit organizations that are looking for volunteers.  We recommend you download and save the full guide so you can take advantage of the index and clickable links the PDF document provides.  

Click  to view and download the full Orinda Association Volunteer Guide

How to get started:

       If you would like to help:
Click here to view and download the full Orinda Association Volunteer Guide.
            Click here to view our Community Calendar for more immediate volunteer opportunities.  

      Ifyou need volunteer help: 
           Click here for the online form to Request Volunteers.