The Orinda Association, started in 1946, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life in Orinda, promoting awareness and encouraging dialogue among Orinda residents on issues of importance to the community, and mobilizing volunteer efforts to enhance the beauty, character and security of Orinda. 

The Orinda Association has a long history of traditional programs and events that are still going strong today, along with new programs developed to meet the changing needs of Orindans. See our Program & Events page.

The Orinda News, another long standing tradition of the Orinda Association, has always printed news of special interest to the community and is still delivered free to every household and business in Orinda. The monthly publication is now available on-line for your convenience. Click onto The Orinda News page.

The Orinda Association Oversees

Officers for The Orinda Association

  • President, Cindy Powell
  • Vice President, Joe Garvey
  • Treasurer, Bill Waterman
  • Secretary, Anil Comelo
  • Membership Chair, Kate Wiley

Board Members:

  • Carlos Baltodano
  • Jeremy Conescu
  • Joe Haughin - Board Member Emeritus
  • Chris Laszcz-Davis
  • Jim Luini - Board Member Emeritus
  • Tom Romaneck
  • Carol Zischke